Help your friends find their voice
and help to create diversity in public speaking
This experiment is currently closed while I work with others on next steps, if you'd like to talk to me about it, please get in touch at


I'm helping people who are new to public speaking find the confidence and opportunities to speak at meet-ups and conferences. Which will mean more diverse speakers for the rest of us.

Some of the most interesting and engaging people don't think that they have anything to say that other people want to hear. I believe that if a friend tells them that they do, it will help give them the confidence to try it out.

Use this form to let me know what your friend is awesome at and should tell the world, I will contact them and help them to do that.

I'm trialling this idea in London and Leeds (UK) for the topics of Agile, Lean, user experience and teams.

Emily Webber
What is your name? *

So I can tell your friend who thinks they are awesome
What is your friend's name? *

So I know what to call them when we email them
What is their location? *

I am trialling this in London and Leeds, let me know what is the best location for {{answer_16888831}}

What do you think {{answer_16888831}} should tell the world? *

Tell me what you think they are amazing at, what excites them or what interesting experience, knowledge or theory do you think they should tell other people about?

Be encouraging in this box, we will pass what you say onto them.
As far as you know, how new is {{answer_16888831}} to public speaking? *

1 = they never done it before
10 = they are a professional public speaker

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